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Our Global Network At Your Service
With over 4000 registered monitors in 60+ countries, MonitorForHire can expertly match the right independent clinical monitors with your study.
Simple & Cost Effective

Our easy-to-use integrated platform provides unparalleled 24/7 access via email, mobile phone, or app making it possible to assemble your team within 24-48 hours. No time wasted.

Trusted By 1,000+ Sponsors
We develop relationships. Whether your study is local or global, small or large, we take a personal approach. Our in-house project assistants take the time to understand your needs, help facilitate the process and provide support.
Only Qualified Candidates

We use a 3rd party company to verify all monitor backgrounds in order to ensure that we provide the most qualified independent/freelance CRAs.

Meet Your Needs

With MonitorForHire

MonitorForHire offers Self-Service and Full-Service to support their Clients and provide accessibility for companies of any size.

Our Database Includes:

  • Global Registration of over 4,000 Monitors in 60 Countries
  • North American Registration of 48 States, Canada and Mexico
  • Coverage in Every Major Therapeutic Area and Study Phase
  • Our Advantage: The Ability to Locate Monitors FAST


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